What Are The Basic Materials That Are Used In Making A Pancake Holster?

There are several different materials that are used to make a holster that is perfect for you to use. But whatever material is used, the gun should not be visible or get printed on the concealed holster.

Following are some materials that are used to make holsters:

  • Synthetic: Synthetics such as Kydex or other kinds of injection-moulded polymers took the market with a storm over the last few decades. The holsters made of polymers do not lose their shape and stays rigid. They do not get soft when they come in contact with water, humidity or sweat. It is also easy to draw a gun from the polyester holster than the leather one. Holsters made of synthetic are usually used by army officers which they don’t know what conditions these might meet with.
  • Leather: The traditional way of making a holster included the use of leather in it. It gives or provides better shape on your body than synthetic holsters. If you don’t draw it straight up it could be an advantage if retention is your main concern and you don’t want mention strap to complicate things. If you prefer retention in an open-top holster then you should choose a deep-seated holster such as leather IWB.

Customs versus manufactured

  • The holsters produced by the manufactured companies are usually top-quality holsters. But these are not available for the unusual guns. Another thing is that they come only with one or two belt widths.
  • The holsters made by the customer are superb in quality. There are good quality holster makers out there. You can specially mention the things that you want with the holster. The material that is used is leather and you also get a good width of the belt which it’s comfortable as well.
  • Another benefit that you have in customs is that you can make changes to everything according to your need, even in the width of the belt. You get several features that are too expensive to make in huge quantity.

Therefore, people usually prefer custom holster because they can choose whatever changes they want and something that fits them well. If you have an usual gun and is looking for a holster, customs is a saviour. It looks at your need and works according to your needs. Whether it’s a paddle holster or a pancake holster, you get everything that you want.

These are some basic materials that are used to make a perfect holster.

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