Instagram Hacking – Things You Must Consider Before Getting Started

Instagram is today one of the most popular social networking sites in the world having billions of global users using on a daily basis. In Instagram, you can share photos and videos and also can chat or go live and earn followers and likes on your posts.

However, what if sometime you lose your account due to any circumstances such as forgetting the login credentials, losing the phone, getting your account stolen by someone or hacked by someone who hack Instagram? What to do then?

Well though it may seem that you cannot revive the account back but actually, it is possible. Through hacking it. The following article will talk about this:

When to Hack Instagram account?

Firstly you must be aware of the reasons why and when should you hack Instagram and when should you reconsider hacking and Instagram account.

You can hack an Instagram account when it is your account, which has been lost or stolen, or it is someone’s account who specifically gave you the consent to hack the account. You can also try hacking for ethical uses or for learning purposes with proper provisions.

There are times when you must reconsider to Hack Instagram account. This means you must think whether you should hack or not hack. This is when you want to hack without any ethical purpose and for revenge or stealing someone else’s personal information. Under the US Federal Government, there are stiff penalties for such acts if caught and convicted in court.

How to Hack an Instagram account?

There are three common ways how you can hack Instagram accounts. They are mentioned below:

  1. InstaPort Brute-force

In this method, you have to download and install an app like InstaPort or InstaRipper, which work by constantly creating password combinations to arrive at the actual password of the account ID provided.

This process now no longer works but still there are some bugs, which may make it, work. It is the simplest and most preferred process.

  1. Phishing pages

Currently this is the most cost efficient process to hack Instagram accounts. It requires minimum skill of HTML, a web host account and a free template to create a Phishing page where the victim user gets tricked and logs in with his credentials only to give you access to his login credentials.

  1. Password guessing and social engineering

This process is like a trial and error method where you have to guess certain possibilities of a password and keep on trying to unlock the account.

Thus if you want to hack Instagram, you have to follow the above steps keeping in mind the consequences and ethics of hacking.

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