The most untruthful agency: venus detective agency

One of the worst cheating company is the venus detective agency. Any person who visits their website to refer their reviews on venus detective agency review are the fake ones that are created by their own team members. The sales guys of that agency will first files the client’s complaint and they says that its very simple to solve the issue and they mesmerise their client to pay the initial amount. Some days later they doesn’t pick the call with a great effort a person picks the call and promises to do their best , and after 10- 20 days they will be giving a report which will be taken for only 2 days only. When a person fight for the justice the threaten to expose the reports. They always try to avoid the calls, gives you the false informations. Everyone who hired this detective agency its a lesson not to get cheated , always beware of such fraudulent.

One such incident is a person hired the agency for searching  a person’s girlfriend who broke all the contacts and also changed the company. The person explained the issue to the agency and paid some amount of rupees as they asked for the services. They promised to find the girlfriend as soon as possible. But, once the initial payment has been done they stopped to pick up the calls. And the person somehow tried to contact the owner and the reply of the owner was the money paid will be for a week only and asked to pay some more money. Later when the person asked for the report they said to pay more amount in order to have the reports once it is paid it was upside down, and the person couldn’t find his girlfriend instead he was cheated by the agency for the money.

The person had a good trust and paid the money thinking that the person will get his girlfriend but he was cheated. L;ater when he tried to ask the money back they didn’t attend the call, if so they attrended they just disconnected the call after hearing the voice of the client.

Through these such kinds of stories one can beware of this fraudulent agencies that are money minded, untrustable, no management on their work or a good customer services. This is the agency that has the worst customer services. One doesn’t even hire them again and wanted to get trapped

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