Plastic Surgery, the risky affair

With stupendous development in the field of medical sciences and with the enormous growth in technology, when clubbed together, magnificent results have been achieved. Medical sciences have evolved over time with notable achievements.  One such is then plastic surgery, which is more familiar with the term cosmetic surgery. It is the modification and alteration in one’s appearance, done by surgical intervention. It is a complex process where many different aspects need to be kept in mind as all body organs are affected either directly or indirectly after a surgery like this. And owing to all the risks given that each body behaves and responds in a different way to the surgery. Some accept the changes and some don’t.

Complexities of Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is considered as one of the most complex surgeries. It involves alteration or reconstruction and restoration of a part of the body. Although it is largely correlated to the only face, it may for any part of the body. Dr. Zacharia is one of the renowned names that is known in this field of medical science. He is an eminent Australian plastic surgeon who has an indubitable proficiency in his field and has won innumerable accolades for his work. With his growth in his surgical hand, he has also devices many new techniques for his work which gives his patients a very comfortable and soothing experience through their journey through it.

There are many kinds of patients who are operated upon for reconstruction of their ear, face, nose, neck, and throat. It may be due to the mutilation of figure resulting out of some accident or even deliberate notorious infliction to destroy. Doctors make an earnest attempt to make the body repair and undergo the least damage possible due to a surgery like this. Here the technique of grafting makes it possible to achieve the best results. Grafts may be from the same body or from some other body who will act as the donor or at times it may be from a different species as well. The human body has the tendency to reject any foreign body that it encounters and makes antibodies to fight against it. This is done so as to destroy it and reject to maintain the wellness of the body.

The body rejects

When plastic surgery is conducted there is always the risk of rejection of the graft by the body. Therefore attempts are made to get grafts, as similar as possible to the recipient. Therefore large doses of immunosuppressant are given to patients who undergo plastic surgery. Sometimes the doses continue for a very long period prior and post the surgery. Dr. Zacharia with the latest development in his field and personal experience which spans over a period of three decades has come up with his techniques to help the body to deal with this, and also recovery at the soonest. The greatest boon to mankind is the new technique of stem cell preservation, which is a phenomenal success. Here the stem cells of a child, which is in the placenta are preserved right from his birth. And over the span of his lifetime, if he needs any form of plastic surgery, tissue is developed and cultured from his stem cells. This drastically reduces the chances of rejection by the body, making it easier for the patient to recover after plastic surgery.

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