ITV Network And Their Famous ITV Competitions – An Overview

ITV is a group of free to air British network of TV channels. It is one of the most viewed channels in Britain. It operates in Britain, Scotland, Wales, Isle of man and channel island. Until 2013 it was called ITV1 and later 5 more channels were added to the network due to the change in trend to multi-channel television. ITV network has a lot of original shows and it also plays shows from other networks. ITV organizes lots of competitions and draws every year to keep the hype for the network high.

General data about the ITV Competitions

These competitions are basically for the residents of the UK, age 19 and above. In this year the network has organized over 50 competitions and draws. Itv competitions are paid or gained through loyalty points. Though a few of the draws are free. The payment for participating in the draw is usually £2.00. These itv competitions have various ways to submit entries like through the website, post, direct pay from the phone, phone call, SMS and through Paypal their payment partner. Each person can submit 15 entries for lucky draws if the entry is submitted through a phone call, SMS and Paypal.

ITV Competitions of 2018

Over 50+ competitions and lucky draws were organized by the ITV network. The overall prize money amounted to around £6.1 Million. The number of winners is almost 500 which is a lot more than the last year count, this is due to the huge increase in the number of advertisers and sponsors for competitions. There is more than just the prize money in these competitions, 22 people received holiday packages to exotic destinations. A few of those are for family only and others for a fixed number of companions for each winner as the terms and conditions dictate. A lot of automobile enthusiast also participate in these draws to get a chance to win high-end cars that are awarded to the winners by the sponsors. 29 cars were given to selected winners this year. A few of those cars are Toyota Coupe car, Mercedes GLA, etc. There is something attracting even tech crazy people, 14 gadget bundles were presented to the winners in different occasions throughout the year. Not just big jackpots and big prizes, the network organizes small draws and competitions, and gifts free coupons and household gadgets to the winners.

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