“Trusted Guide on Roofing Systems”

The term roofing systems are pretty underrated. It is more complex than most of the time it is given credit for. A roof is the envelope of the building, an important part of the shelter. It must last long, have less weight, look complementary to the house, provide protection from hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural disasters and most of all ample in cost. To achieve the particulars different engineered materials, work together to keep your home safe from natural and man-made harms.


The most important aspect of the roof is roof covering. The roof covering is taken as synonyms of the roof by most of the people. Whereas, the roof covering or shingle roofing comprised of tiles or shingles that assembled in a way to channel the water off a pitched roof. A major part of roof covering is designed for waterproofing and protection. Roofing underlayment is also done for protection from severe weather. It is the process of adding a layer of water-resistant barrier directly under roofing material.  Selection of proper roof covering material is one of the important aspects of getting your roof done.


Roofs have been the part of human life since they evolve to live in shelter thus it is imaginable the list of available materials for roofing all around the world is pretty long. Some materials are more natural than others, while some are made from renewable materials. The most popular roofing material which dominates the market is asphalt roofing shingles. Other popular materials include but not limited to metal roofing, wood shakes, roofing tiles and slate tiles. Even in a certain part of the world, the green roof is used.


Asphalt shingles are thus far the most favored roof type in Washington State. It is used over 80% of all residential roofs. Quality roofing, using asphalt shingles is done by MCS roofing and constructions in Shoreline, Lynnwood, Everett and Mukilteo cities. You can find more about this material at mcsroofingcompany.com

The distinct properties of asphalt shingles include;

  • Moisture and Fire Resistance: 

The Shingles are made up of fiberglass. It makes them better moisture and fire resistant. Later shingles are infused with asphalt and given a coat of copper and mineral granules which provide the deflection of UV rays.

  • Good Looks:

It is a choice of the individual. Although the important thing to consider is how many choices of composition shingles are present. Some contractors such as MCS Roofing and Construction only install specific architectural shingles which are thick and best for looks and durability.

  • Eco-Friendly: 

Asphalt shingles can be recycled and reused hence consider eco-friendly.

  • Inexpensive: 

Shingles are not expensive at all.

  • Warranty and Durability:

From medium to long durable singles are available. Also, to prevent staining, algae shingles are also accessible in Washington market. To have a non-prorated warranty of fifty years, proper components must be installed by certified installers.

  • Heavy: 

Shingles are not too heavy. They are available in moderate to slightly heavy weight.

  • Fire & Wind Ratings: 

Asphalt shingles are great for both fire and wind. They have grade A fire rating and also class A wind rating up to 130 MPH.

  • Slope: 

Shingles can be assembled with 2/12 slope. For this purpose, must consult the experienced personnel.


Some types of shingles might suit your home than other. Various factors are listed here will help you calculate the pros and cons of a selected type over others.

There are so many factors when considering a roof which includes:

  • For how long does it want it to last?
  • Will it hold Washington’s environment?
  • Will it be too heavy for roof frame or not?
  • Do the angle is steep enough?
  • Will it look good on my house?
  • Is it eco-friendly or not?
  • Is this material’s roofing is allowed?
  • How much will it cost me?

Replacing your roofing is a necessary part of homeownership but it can be a hassle but now, it is not as difficult as it seems like. You just need to know where to head. Companies such as MCS Roofing and Constructions provide an easier and affordable solution.

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