Everything You Need To Know About Austin Wellness Pharmacy

Holistic medicine can be explained as a way of treating an individual’s entire body and not just his/her disease or illness in particular. The medical attention and medications used in this kind of wellness treatment are unconventional and may include the administration of vitamins and supplements as well as therapy without drugs and other holistic approaches that take care of the person as a whole and not just a single organ or part of him/her. Holistic treatments have been gaining popularity as of recent years; this has led to an influx of wellness pharmacies in a lot of countries.

What exactly is the idea behind these types of pharmacies?

Austin wellness pharmacy or compounding pharmacies, as they are referred to professionally, are pharmacies where the pharmacists create personalized medicines for patients. Compounded medicines are created by the pharmacist in accordance with the prescription but also by taking into account the patient’s personal needs and all-around physical health. Therefore the compounding might include increasing or reducing the dosage of the medicine the person takes at a time or might even refer to having the patient take additional supplements that would enhance the effects of the medicine.

Treatment practiced in these pharmacies:

Austin wellness pharmacy follows the principles of holistic medicine which involves treating not only the body of an individual but also the spirit, mind, and emotions in the quest for optimum health and healing. According to holistic medicine, a person can only achieve maximum happiness and health once there is complete balance in his/her life. Those who practice wellness medicine believe that a person is made up of interdependent body parts and that when something affects a single part, this, in turn, affects all the other parts as well. In short, the person’s body is out of balance.

For example: if an individual walks into a wellness pharmacy to get treated for migraines the doctor will not only provide meds for the alleviation of the headaches but also take notes of the person’s lifestyle and daily routines to make modifications to their way of living that could be a factor that triggers the patient’s headaches.

Postulates of holistic medicine:

  1. Every individual possesses inherent healing abilities
  2. The patient is more than his/her sickness
  3. Healing is equivalent to addressing all aspects of the person’s life and not just the disease
  4. Treatment is not simply just alleviating the symptoms but curing the sickness at its root.

The holistic medicine movement has been gaining momentum and perhaps for good reason. It certainly is a refreshing change from simply taking drugs to eradicate the disease instead of looking at why it came about in the first place.

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