Looking For Some Quirky Life Hacks – Read On

If you are keen on learning some quirky life hacks which are proven, time tested and useful, then the next few lines are quite useful. These life hacks make life simpler, save time and perhaps could also save money. If you look around the internet, you will come across scores of such quirks and it could certainly be useful in more ways than one. There are literally thousands of such quirky hacks and if you spend some time you will be able to come out with quite a few of them. Here is a look at a few of them which could be interesting in more ways than one.

Moving Around With Suitcase – This Could Help

If you are on a flight with a suitcase, it would be a good idea to use colored ribbons and tie it to the handle. This would help in identifying your suitcase quite easily and it would also make it look smart and chic from a distance. Your luggage will certainly stand out from the crowd.

Watching Movies On Mobile Phones

If you are watching movies on mobile phones, you would like to place it on a stand and watch it rather than holding it in your hands. You could perhaps make use of sunglasses for this purpose because it can withstand mobile phones quite easily.

Lost Business Cards And Then Cursed Yourself

You could receive quite a few numbers of business cards and you could also quite a few of them. If there are some important business cards, you would do better to have them photographed on your mobile phone. You could then move the images to your cloud storage environment on Google. You will never ever lose the information even if you were to lose the business cards.

Do The Clothes In Your Wardrobe

If you find that your clothes smell obnoxious in your wardrobe, you have an easy solution to overcome the problem. You could use a piece of soap and have it placed between the clothes. It could help in keeping the clothes fresh and smelling good for months at length. It also could help you to prevent the clothes being infected with microorganism. Napthalene balls or known as moth balls can also be used but they could have some severe side effects.

Finally you could use toilet paper rolls to easily divide your storage boxes or toilet drawers. There are quite a few such ways you can make your home look neater, cleaner and better.

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